Mass Movement for Road Safety Underway – Your Daily Walk Can Save a Life

How many times have you crossed the road and wondered whether it would be your last day on this planet. Considering the crazy driving, traffic sense, road rules or lack of them, it is no wonder that a life is snuffed out every 3.6 minutes in this country. Every day, 400 commuters do not return home; one of the biggest causes of these unnatural demises is the significant number of road deaths.

What can you do to bring awareness and stem the tide of this avoidable hazard? The “Longest and Largest Walkathon” from Kanyakumari to Kashmir is on its way to bring a sense of urgency to the cause. Citizens of India were urged to walk #1Croresteps for safer Indian roads in their neighborhoods. Subu took the lead, and has already walked from Kanyakumari to Vadodara on his way to Kashmir in the first few weeks of the campaign. After this success, the organizers have scaled up and started a mass movement called ‘Mera Kadam – Meri Suraksha’ with a target of 125 Crore steps.

Participation and engagement from the general public is invited in the form of short walks to show their willingness to ‘be the change’, be it in safer road behavior, respecting other road users, being a safe driver, or respecting road rules. You can be part of this “Walk Donation” from anywhere in the country and capture it on your mobile and send it to #MeraKadamMeriSuraksha, mentioning the number of steps and number of people who walked with you.

The movement needs three kinds of public support and does not require monetary contribution: Firstly, a commitment to respect other road users and road rules. Post a video or write about good road behavior on social media with hashtags #1Croresteps and #MeraKadamMeriSuraksha. Donate your walk on or simply send your photo or video on Whatsapp 9354799345 or give a missed call on 18002082030 as support.

Secondly, motivate and inspire your close friends and families to donate a walk for safer roads. Start challenging your friends by clicking on “Challenge Your Friends”. When your friend accepts the challenge and starts donating a walk/run, your certificate of appreciation will be displayed on your Network Walk Donations and you will also feature on the National Leader Board for the same.

Thirdly, become a group coordinator for your neighborhood, your organization, organize group walks and upload on Your contribution can be followed on the Leader Board of National Group Walks.

Regular top contributors will receive a signed certificate by a celebrity walker/runner and a medal of appreciation. Top of the line contributor will get a chance to walk with a celebrity walker/runner and will get a chance to feature in the movement’s anthem video where celebrity singers of our country will also feature.

Top 3 contributors in various categories will receive a contribution award by India’s largest road safety platform NGO Drive Smart Drive Safe, supported by many of India’s apex bodies (SIAM, ACMA, CIIYi, FICCI, FADA, ASDC, AIAWA, Raahgiriday, WRI). Send in your entries by the first week of October.

Apart from the inherent health benefits of walking, the promoters urge individuals and organizations to start making a difference. Subu has now crossed Rajasthan on his way to Jammu. When are you going to walk the talk?